At Beauty in the Bottle we believe in enhancing your own unique beauty to be your best version of you! Our aim is to help you gain confidence in the skin you are in through the use of results driven aesthetics.


Skin treatments

Dermal Fillers​

As we age the building blocks that keep our skin plump and hydrated, such as collagen and hyaluronic acid, reduce leaving our skin lacking in volume causing lines and folds. Dermal filler treatments use injectable HA to plump out the skin to lift and hydrate. They can also be used to enhance areas of definition and contour such as chin, cheeks and jawline.

Anti wrinkle treatments

Repetitive facial expressions over the years can cause fine lines to occur. Neuromodulators can relax the muscles that initiate this repetitive movement to either treat or prevent these fine lines from developing. Typical areas for this treatment are frown, forehead and around the eyes.          


Medical grade skincare

Our medical grade skincare means that it contains some prescription strength ingredients (can only be sold by a Doctor, Nurse or Dentist) to help fight typical skin concerns such as acne, pigmentation and premature ageing.



‘The injectable moisturiser’. Profhilo’s key ingredient is Hyaluronic acid which is injected just below the skin in multiple areas, stimulating collagen to help prevent against wrinkles while providing fresher, plumper skin, but has no effect on facial proportions and doesn't add volume like a Dermal filler. Two treatments are usually recommended within a 4 week interval.



A series of injections of Soduim Deoxycholate that aim to destroy the fat cells that create a “double chin,” so to speak. The number of treatment sessions varies based on the amount of fat under the chin and your treatment goals.

Face treatments


‘Gold Tip Facial’ is a micro-needling device which administers a personalised cocktail of treatments through 24 carat gold micro-channels. This treatment can be used to help with reduce fine lines, reduce pore appearance and to inhibit sebum production if necessary. The cocktail which is administered is prescribed to an individuals need or preference but is commonly made up of Hyaluronic Acid, Botulinum Toxin (Botox) and additional antioxidants. This treatment really can provide immediate results and is perfect for a “red carpet event” to give an instant glow.


Signature facials

A 45 minute facial using condition specific medical grade products finished with a relaxing facial massage.



Envy Dermal Infusion

The Envy Dermal Infusion uses a non invasive 3 in 1 technology using a diamond tip to exfoliate and extract dry and dead skin whilst simultaneously delivering a serum infusion deep in to the skin.



Chemical Peel 

A superficial salicylic acid based peel that exfoliates, improves textures and tone of the skin. Great for anti ageing and blemish prone skin. The facial peel has a downtime of up to 7 days where the skin can appear dry and flaky.



Skin Needling

Our micro-needling facial uses SkinPen to create thousands of controlled micro injuries to stimulate our body natural wound healing process also known as collagen synthesis. This facial is great for improving the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and even scar tissue. You may experience downtime of up to 24hours where redness can occur, no make up can be applied 24hours post procedure.